Porcus Tormentum


This sauce is specifically for people who longed for the intense bacon & ham flavors of Porcus Infernum, by Voodoo Chile Sauces, AND wanted something even hotter than Bacon-X.

Tormentum’s sauceological DNA is nearly identical to that of Porcus Infernum — the world’s best Bacon hot sauce, bar none — except it differs in a way that has morphed it into a brutal force that exists as a bringer of blissful pain.

Not to be confused with Bacon-X, a vastly different sauce, Porcus Tormentum is the exact same recipe as Infernum, but with a MASSIVE over dosing of the planet’s hottest peppers. While Bacon-X is extreme compared to any other Bacon sauce found in stores, Tormentum takes the reigns and transforms into a master of the dark art of culinary sadomasochism

No need for outlandish claims or cosmic comparisons with zero basis in reality … Tormentum IS the most incineratingly delicious bacon hot sauce, ever.

This is a seasonal sauce, so make sure to grab some whenever it’s available!

INGREDIENTS: Porcus Infernum, Extreme peppers including Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, and Bhut Jolokia (Ghist chile).

  • Porcus Tormentum, $9.49 (normally $12.99)