Debuting in New York City …

Saturday, April 25th saw the debut of Ætérnus Sauceworks and our first 3 sauces! We are very, very pleased to report that all 3 of these sauces received a level of enthusiasm and compliments that exceeded our expectations.

Our initial goal was to release some sauces that addressed two very common requests:

  1. An extreme version of Porcus … introducing: Bacon-X (aka: The X)
  2. And extreme version of Psycho Tropic … introducing: King of Pain

We also chose to parallel release an extreme version of Voodoo Chile Sauces’ latest super food sauce, Phoenix. The extra spiced version, aptly named Phoenix: Fire, is the same base recipe but with the addition of fermented orange habanero, Chocolate habanero, red Naga jolokia and Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper chile peppers.

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