Delerium-thumbThis is not your typical sauce. In fact, there are very few sauces like it. There is a quick rush of sweetness that is accompanied by a strong presence of exotic chile pepper flavors and a whirling buzz of spices that the average mind struggles to comprehend.

Is this Chinese Five Spice? It is … Garam Masala? What ARE these wonderful flavors?”

And then the heat continues to build as the exotic spice flavors slowly fade into the distant far stretches of the palate. You are experiencing the culinary counterpart of a mental condition known as delirium: an organically induced and drastic change in mental state with symptoms including an inability to focus , confusion and various impairments of awareness, including temporal and spatial orientation.

It would be nice to say that we chose the name very carefully and methodically, but the fact is, it was the first word that came to mind upon tasting the very first test from the first batch.

This truly is one deliriously, insanely HOT hot sauce! They say that great things come in small packages, this is no exception. When someone questions the seemingly diminutive size of this bottle, one quick taste immediately lets them know that a little is going to go a LONG ways! We would have to charge $20 or more for a typically 5oz hot sauce bottle … but we are not interested in selling you something that is most likely going to sit in your fridge for a year or more and ultimately be thrown away.

INGREDIENTS: Extreme peppers including: Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, Black Naga, Jay’s Peach Scorpion, and Chocolate Scotch Bonnet. Rice vinegar, Turbinado sugar, Himalayan salt, and a secret blend of exotic spies.

  • Larger bottle, 149ml (4oz), $11.49 (normally $14.99)