Year of the Cock SUPER SALE!


In celebration of the Year of the Cock (rooster) we are hosting a temporary sale:


Select any THREE of your favorites from Ætérnus Sauceworks for the single low price of $27.72, and we’ll cover the shipping!!! Do the math … that’s some HUGE savings!!! Depending on your choice of sauces, you could be looking at up to 50% … and, as we may have mentioned:


Act NOW as this sale will end soon and is limited to stock on hand!

Bacon-X: an intensely earthy twist on Porcus Infernum, with a reasonable dose of various Naga (ghost) chiles, delivering a very sneaky, delayed heat that lingers longer!

Peach Reaper: our 2nd collaboration with Flying Dog Brewery made with a huge dose of the infamous Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper!

Delirium: this is the very hottest of the Ætérnus Sauceworks line-up! 74% chile pepper puree, lemon juice, and a secret blend of spices that is guaranteed to blow your mind! Imitated, but never duplicated!

King of Pain: in short, this is the sadist identical twin of Pscyho Tropic, our award winning tropical fruit sauce, made with pineapple & guava, but this beast is insanely HOT!


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Harvest Editions

20x20_hologram-HARVEST EDITIONWe are in the throes of the busiest part of the harvest time for peppers here in the northern hemisphere (the weeks during the end of summer and early autumn) and certain regions here in the U.S. are enjoying bumper crops this year (2015).

This year, we are thrilled with the extreme heat exotics we have procured from Allegheny City Farms as well as PuckerButt Pepper Company. We have received some amazing specimens including Carolina Reaper, Chocolate scorpion, MA wartryx, Cappuccino naga, BBG7, Caramel bhut, Brown Naglah, Peach bhut, Brazilian brainstrain, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Naga viper, Yellow fatalii, White devils tongue, Murupi Amarela, 7 pot, Pink Tiger, MOA scotch bonnet, Chocolate nagabrain, Red nagabrain, Kracken Scorpion, Chocolate Moruga, Peach hab, Pimenta puma X.. In years past, we simply loaded up carboys and buckets with the harvested peppers and either fermented and aged them and processed and stored them in vinegar for later bottlings.

SOMETIMES … the proverbial stars align and we’re able to do some bottling with these peppers are the height of freshness. This year was one of those years! The resulting sauces have far brighter color, more intense pepper flavor, and the heat level is — in most cases — far hotter than their normal year-round counterpart.

Our Caribbean sauce, King of Pain, as well as our unique specialty sauce, Delirium, are both available as Harvest Editions. In fact, we had just depleted our inventory of both when the first round of harvested peppers arrived, which means the only version of those sauces available at the moment are the Harvest Edition.

Head over to the Store and pick some up now while they’re still in stock. Our Harvest Edition sauces are a genuine, rare treat and usually sell out almost immediately!

Debuting in New York City …

Saturday, April 25th saw the debut of Ætérnus Sauceworks and our first 3 sauces! We are very, very pleased to report that all 3 of these sauces received a level of enthusiasm and compliments that exceeded our expectations.

Our initial goal was to release some sauces that addressed two very common requests:

  1. An extreme version of Porcus … introducing: Bacon-X (aka: The X)
  2. And extreme version of Psycho Tropic … introducing: King of Pain

We also chose to parallel release an extreme version of Voodoo Chile Sauces’ latest super food sauce, Phoenix. The extra spiced version, aptly named Phoenix: Fire, is the same base recipe but with the addition of fermented orange habanero, Chocolate habanero, red Naga jolokia and Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper chile peppers.


Welcome to Ætérnus Sauceworks.

My name is Voodoo, owner of Voodoo Chile Sauces & Salsa and the Ætérnus Project is my outlet for the extreme.

Ætérnus sauces are going to be more extreme in the way of ingredients & heat … these are not products for those with an aversion to hot sauces.