Debuting in New York City …

Saturday, April 25th saw the debut of Ætérnus Sauceworks and our first 3 sauces! We are very, very pleased to report that all 3 of these sauces received a level of enthusiasm and compliments that exceeded our expectations.

Our initial goal was to release some sauces that addressed two very common requests:

  1. An extreme version of Porcus … introducing: Bacon-X (aka: The X)
  2. And extreme version of Psycho Tropic … introducing: King of Pain

We also chose to parallel release an extreme version of Voodoo Chile Sauces’ latest super food sauce, Phoenix. The extra spiced version, aptly named Phoenix: Fire, is the same base recipe but with the addition of fermented orange habanero, Chocolate habanero, red Naga jolokia and Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper chile peppers.


Welcome to Ætérnus Sauceworks.

My name is Voodoo, owner of Voodoo Chile Sauces & Salsa and the Ætérnus Project is my outlet for the extreme.

Ætérnus sauces are going to be more extreme in the way of ingredients & heat … these are not products for those with an aversion to hot sauces.